Real-time Reefer Monitoring and Control

All reefer types

Real time monitoring and tracking

Receive alarms and notifications

Reefer Automation and Remote Management

Easy interface with sofware applications

Vessel communications

Comprehensive wireless sensor array

Predictive Maintenance and Repair functions

Real-time data and alarms

Reefer data is available in real-time on the Graphical User Interface, and the platform can easily interface to other customer or legacy software applications.

Set up and manage alarms. Get customized alarms, notifications and reports that can be shared securely and selectively.

Ruggedized design and global coverage

The GT Sense device communicates with global cellular network partners reporting precise location, and twoway reefer monitoring and control from anywhere in the world. When there is no cellular connection the system will store historical data and then transmit it when cellular service is restored.

Sensor Nodes

The device has a myriad of integrated sensors. The external sensor nodes can placed or mounted on the cargo and provide location, temperature, humidity, shock, motion, tamper, or light.

  • Door
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Shock
  • Motion
  • Tamper
  • Buzzer
  • Jamming

Maintenance Centric Approach

Users can receive predictive maintenance alerts and map service plans into the GT Sense platform. Advanced display panels create a “Virtual Reefer Technician “capability, being able to monitoring key internal systems and parameters remotely.

Receive alarms and notifications

Manage your assets with your mobile devices, and get critical alarms and notifications - anytime and anywhere.


  • Interfaces with all reefer types.
  • Operates on sea and over land.
  • Interface with up to 64 LoRa wireless cargo or internal sensors.
  • IP67 sealed and rugged enclosure.
  • Global cellular and GPS performance and internal or external antenna options.
  • LoRa and LoRaWAN enabled for operation with internal sensors as well as public network LoRa infrastructure.
  • Bluetooth for on ground operational monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Predictive and alert based Maintenance and Repair (M&R) functions for streamlined maintenance operation, and extension of equipment useable life.
  • Real-time arrival notices.
  • Automatic set-points and ability to change set points remotely.
  • Monitor plug-in periods, temperature, O2, CO2, and power consumption.
  • Dwell and demurrage time monitoring.
  • User definable profiles for alerts and notifications.
  • Fast and simple installation with iOS or Android smartphone app.
  • Rechargeable battery and life extension battery pack add-ons.
  • Easy pairing with the real-time GT Sense lock.