Cold Chain

Get complete control over the cold chain to protect refrigerated cargo.
Globe Tracker offers the most advanced and feature-rich cold chain intelligence solution in industry today, allowing our customers to meet all regulatory and emerging compliance requirements with ease and automation in key markets such as food and pharmaceutical transport.

This is because our platform offers stakeholders compliance analytics and automation, and monitors refrigerated or frozen cargo at three distinct levels providing more data than was ever available before:

Reefer Level – Our system interfaces directly to the micro-controller of any reefer (Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin, or StarCool) and provides 24/7 100% remote monitoring and control of all reefer parameters in real-time. The GT Sense solution also collects more data from the reefers than other solutions including the ability to upload new software versions to reefers that need to be updated.

Independent Sensor Level – Each Globe Tracker GT Reefer unit is equipped with built-in internal sensors that can augment and verify data received directly from the reefer. Depending on the configuration, this can offer a separate backup to reefer acquired data.

Remote Wireless Sensor Level – Up to 64 remote low-cost disposable wireless sensors can be placed anywhere in the reefer or in the cargo itself. Often the return temperature measured in the reefer is several degrees away from the core-product temperature, which can cause excursions and product loss. These sensors connect to the main GT device via the new IoT LoRa (Long Range) Wireless standard, so the system can be controlled in a closed loop in real-time using actual cargo temperature measurements, not temperatures in areas not near the cargo itself.

Per Trip Use

The GT Reefer system can be used as a permanent installed device, but also with a temporary magnetically mounted device on a per-trip basis. This monitor-only device interfaces to the maintenance or data port on the outside of the reefer, and installs in seconds. The same device can work with LoRa wireless sensors inside the reefer. Now for the first time Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs), 3PLs, and other stakeholders can gain real-time data about critical cargo without modified the reefer with a permanently installed device. Alerts are sent to users in real-time if problems occur and can solve problems before they happen. The GT Sensor software platform can provide users with tools to easily configure parameters and compliance limits for various product and trade lanes on a per trip basis providing maximum flexibility.

Maintenance Centric Approach

The GT Sense solution focuses on unique parameters that reduce maintenance cost and extend the useful life of reefer assets and reduce maintenance costs. We do this though monitoring internal systems within the reefer and setting up maintenance reminders and alerts, and understand key warranty expiration dates and service intervals. The GT Sense GUI provides reefer technicians a “Virtual Reefer” experience with graphical representation of systems and panels, just as though you were standing physically at the reefer itself.