Customs Agencies

There is a trend among global Customs agencies to adopt Electronic Cargo Tracking Systems (ECTS) and Globe Tracker has the premiere solution in the market which can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of customs agencies.

Global market place is expanding and shifting. Stakeholders and Customs agencies need state-of-the-art solutions to secure borders and process and facilitate imports and exports. The growth of free trade zones (with reduced cargo monitoring and wait times) provide new opportunities for countries, but increase the risks of smuggling for tariff avoidance, substitution with counterfeit goods, theft (including intellectual property theft), smuggling of illicit drugs, armaments, and human trafficking and other activities related to terrorism. Many customs agencies can use this technology to modernize their capabilities while at the same time recouping an investment in a matter of months though fee recovery because of tighter import controls.

The Globe Tracker system is ideal for trans-shipments, bonded shipments, or to secure cargo in transit to inland ports or depots.