Fuel Managment

Fuel is a highly fungible commodity and unfortunately theft and pilferage can occur resulting in a huge cost impact, but it is very hard to measure and prove.

Globe Tracker’s tracking and Fuel Monitoring Solution provides location, fuel level monitoring and intrusion detection of valve areas. Fuel costs are a major part of any fleet operation expenses, and knowledge of fuel levels improve operations efficiency and meet mission goals, preventing the unauthorised removal of fuel during transport. Continuous monitoring of fuel level with the Globe Tracker system is an accurate and reliable method for security and accountability of fuel transport.

Fuel sensors are permanently mounted in any tanker and electronic seals can be installed per trip.

Less than 1% lost fuel can pay for the system in a matter of months. Through both locations, fuel level monitoring and intrusion detection the Globe Tracker solution offers a significant deterrent against theft and pilferage, as well as providing critical data for operations. The system can also be installed in standard truck fuel tanks, and monitoring usage of fuel which can be matched against driver invoices.

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