Government security

Globe Tracker offers cargo tracking and security to meet the mission critical supply chain needs of global military forces and Non-Government Organization (NGOs).

Our Enhanced In Transit Visibility (EITV) devices are ruggedized and field proven in the harshest of environments.

The GT Sense platform can interface into a variety of USG servers including the GEX, IRRIS, DTTS, and more. Devices support compliance with USC Gen 2 ATID Tag requirements.

Our systems can support not only the movement of containerized cargo, but Break Bulk and RORO cargo, and the security and monitoring of fuel and other assets.

Both Cellular and Satellite options are available, so the cargo is never out of contact. The Globe Tracker system can support multiple level securities because our wireless sensor can be used in conjunction with the EITV device to provide multiple layers. The GT Sense system also is the only system that combined GIS based EITV, full geozone processing, but also has a powerful yard/depot or FOB management platform that can scan any variety of Military Shipment Labels (MSLs) including Mil-Std-1239R, Mil-Std-1239P, DD-1387 or any other custom label with a low cost ruggedized Android smart phone.

Globe Track understands the needs to USTRANSCOM, DLA, and other government and NATO agencies moving critical cargo. Our platform also supports government owned and contract vehicle fleets. Globe Tracker also offers the ability monitor Critical Infrastructure though our IoT based solutions.

Talk to us today about how this technology can provide visibility, reduce theft and pilferage, and enhance force protection.