High value

The transport of high value goods such as precious metals or gems, currency, electronics, or any other valuable or critical cargo is under an ever increasing threat of theft, damage, tampering, or diversion, or counterfeit substitution.

Loss estimates reach up to $50 billion per year in cargo theft related incidents. Cargo theft is all too common in the global supply chain. Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, the United States, and Russia are the countries most at risk for cargo theft globally. Cargo theft in the United States and Europe has reached record levels in recent years, and economic downturns only end to aggravate the problem.

The Globe Tracker ”Electronic Escort” can watch your cargo 24/7 and promptly report any incident or even many suspicious activities to mitigate and recover lost and stolen cargo. In addition, for temperature or humidity sensitive goods, our systems can monitor multiple sensors to assure that the products are being transported within set guidelines.

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