The transportation of pharmaceuticals is considered by many the “holy grail” of the supply chain challenges.

Cargo values are usually extremely high, broad and onerous regulatory compliance requirements changing and becoming more stringent, and timeliness of shipments is essential. Over 63% of Pharma Supply Chain Managers have more than 1-5% temperature excursions which often lead to complete loss of product.

Globe Tracker helps companies shipping pharmaceuticals protect their medicines, assure that all regulatory compliance is met through sensors and a set of automation tools, provides increased security for expensive loads, and lets stakeholders see where their cargo is at all times. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) are raising the compliance bar for the transport for pharma with new data required and more stringent controls.

Globe Tracker works with pharma transporters to customize our solution to meet the needs of specific medicines and trade lanes.