[introduction]Intermodal 45-foot Container manufacturing pioneer UNIT45 has partnered with Globe Tracker International, a leader in global supply chain visibility, to offer the first commercial Smart Refrigerated container. The revolutionary system will combine data from the refrigeration unit with data collected from wireless sensors reporting condition and security variables from both inside and outside the container. The compilation of this data offers a true picture of cargo–in–transit and reduces risk and loss across the Intermodal space. [/introduction]

A GT smart reefer system includes a GT communications unit, a GT partner reefer controller interface device, multiple Sub gigahertz antennas and multiple sub gigahertz wireless sensors inside and outside the reefer’s cargo area. GT’s smart reefer system features two-way communications with GT partner reefer controller interface devices, providing reefer owners with data and full remote command and control of their assets. GT smart reefer owners can continuously monitor and set each reefer’s operating parameters anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world; safely and securely.

GT smart reefers can also include a satellite communications peripheral to further enhance communications reliability in areas where the GT communications unit’s embedded communications might not be able to connect with a service provider. The satellite communications option can be particularly valuable for pushing real-time communication of an important reefer event like cargo door open or a rapid cargo area temperature change for example.

Features and Benefits

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  • Two – way communications and control with the Thermo King I-box.
  • Owners can remotely set the reefer operating settings like Set-Point Temperature, air flow, Start PTI, Start Defrost, clear alarms, power on/off and more.
  • Internal wireless sensors such as temperature and humidity, G-Force, light, vibration, motion and more are possible.
  • Internal optional cargo and pallet trackers to track and monitor down to box level with optional condition sensors embedded.
  • External wireless sensors such as ambient temperature and eSeal.
  • Store and forward capability when there is no cellular coverage for up to 45 days.
  • The GT Communications Unit device will operate for more than 5 years reporting once every 2 hours without the use of any external power source.
  • Ability to provide internal and external sensor data, a location and alarms even when the reefer does not have any fuel or power source to operate.
  • Option: Wireless iridium satellite communication.
  • Sub gigahertz antennas mounted outside the GT smart reefer communicate with I networks that the reefer encounters as it travels through supply chain journey for real time arrival and departure as well as remote monitoring in terminals or yards.
  • Real time alert “push” notifications by Cellular and Satellite Networks over email or SMS.
  • Dynamic Graphical User interface that can integrate all asset types such as containers, trucks, Chassis, rail cars etc…
  • Customizable reporting of reefer parameters by feature and by sensor.
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware (one time purchase) at cost for the GT Communications Unit device. A maintenance free model.