Enhance cargo security to prevent theft and improve profitability.
With up to $50 billion in global cargo theft per year, enhanced security is paramount in any trade lane.

Globe Trackers offers a layered security approach which allows customers to design unique security solutions for cargo by selecting the appropriate layers of security from our portfolio of products. These options include security status reporting peripherals on individual cargo elements and electronic barrier bolts and seals for containers and trucks.

Cargo security is currently a major concern for government and industry alike. For Government, the need for improved military logistics and force protection is critical in maintaining national security. Similarly, governments are demanding heightened customs compliance for tariff enforcement and the reduction of contraband. For Industry, security is becoming increasingly critical as growing threats result in theft, contamination, counterfeiting, or diversion. These combined factors cost scores of billions of dollars each year and sometimes pose a serious threat to brand integrity, where one incident has the capacity to permanently damage a multi-billion dollar brand built over many generations.

Globe Tracker’s intelligent electronic seals which can be mounted on the outside of the container or truck on a standard bolt seal clasp, or devices that mount inside a container which monitor door openings, light levels, and a variety of other sensors to detect intrusion but cargo condition as well. In addition, wireless sensors can be placed on pallets or the cargo itself, which can alarm if they are moved or removed from the container and provide true item and pallet level security.

The GT Sense platform can be customized to product alerts on any variety of conditions to enhance security. For example, when entering a particular geozone that may be a high security area, the reporting interval may be increases. The same can be done if a container is moved during strange hours, or humidity may increase if an open is made in the container or truck. Our team has extensive experience in global cargo security and can work with our customers to design the optimal level of security to effectively manage risk.