Specialized Tracking

Track and monitor specialized fleets such as fuel transport of fleets in high risk regions.
Globe Tracker supports a variety of specialized fleet management, asset tracking, and equipment telematics with the ability to integrate specific sensors and develop highly tailored solutions for industry and government applications.

We support series of trackers for transportation fleets or individual trucks, containers, rail, reefers, chassis, gensets, and trailers, as well as equipment telematics. Globe Tracker offers specialized applications with external sensors for fuel monitoring, tire-pressure, and a variety of sensors for hazardous materials transportation. We can also support the integration of user’s custom sensors as well.

Long battery life devices can be mounted on un-powered assets and last for several years with no maintenance. Several of our devices are equipped with LoRa, the emerging Long Range wireless IoT standard, so we can communicate with assets over relatively long distances such as over a 1km for line of sight. Cellular and satellite options are available which allows operation in extreme environments or remote and high risk areas.

Globe Tracker can support any range of Industrial Control, IoT, or SCADA applications where remote sensing or equipment monitoring and control is necessary.

Our GT Sense platform can be easily adapted to meet the needs of these applications where conventional fleet management systems and other SCADA system fall short. GT Sense can report sensor values and set limits, set alerts, and interface to proprietary systems. We work with our customers on requirement definition, business rules, and response protocols.