GT Sense

Realize the benefits of supply chain visibility
GT Sense is the nerve centre that connects, monitors and optimizes your supply chain assets within key supply chain verticals in a single integrated platform.

GT Sense is a cloud and sensor based management and business process automation tool. It is designed to simplify adoption of telematics and sensor technologies and provide flexible, predictive and actionable tool-kits that help our customers drive ROI, improve performance, increase customer retention and add new revenue streams.

Globe Tracker offers custom solutions by understanding our customers information requirements, solving specific pain points, filling critical information gaps, and integrating newly available data to improve business processes.

GT Sense also offers the ability for our customer to host their own servers on-prem or in a customer selected separate hosting facility so user can keep their own data secure and in compliance with internal IT policies.

Each sensor device is placed or mounted on the cargo and provides location, temperature, humidity, shock, motion, tamper, or light, and can interface with external door seals or up to 64 low cost disposable “in-product” sensors.

The user interface can display:

  • Position
  • Route
  • Dwell status
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Light
  • Door close/open
  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • Motion
  • Tilt

GT Sense data is available in real-time on the GT Sense Graphical User Interface, or the platform can easily interface to other customer ERP, TMS, WMS, or legacy software applications via XML messaging, FTP, or Web Services. Because of our powerful tool kit, interfacing to external systems is usually a matter of day or weeks, not months- long large-scale IT projects that are typically seen in the industry.

Our solutions are built around technologies by embracing these core features:

  • Advanced IoT, mobility, and cloud capabilities
  • Flexibility and scalability of data representation
  • Flexibility in interfacing to disparate systems
  • Flexibility to forward data to the data owner’s own systems or host data in the cloud for data owners

Alarms and Notifications

Manage your assets with your mobile devices, and get critical alarms and notifications - anytime and anywhere.

Unmatched flexibility and mobility. Get customized alarms, notifications and reports that can be shared securely and selectively

Reefer alarms send data to the network in real time, so that the appropriate action can be taken.


Alert Management