Real-time Reefer Monitoring and Control at Sea

Globe Tracker has teamed with Wireless Maritime Services, the leader in cellular maritime communications to offer a world-class vessel visibility platform for reefer monitoring and control.

Operates on vessels with GT Sense Reefer solution

Permanent and portable vessel network options

Seamless 24x7 reefer monitoring on land and at sea

Single solution installed on Bridge and Monkey Island with minimal vessel infrastructure

Supports existing 2G and 3G cellular standards and the first vessel network supporting 4G LTE

Portable Vessel Network

The WMS IoT Portable Vessel Network is easily moved from ship to ship for chartered vessels requiring only ship power.

Two person installation in less than 6 hours.

Portable Vessel Network

The first vessel network supporting 4G LTE

The latest 4G LTE standard ensures long-term costs are minimized as 2G and 3G networks sunset worldwide.

The 4G LTE vessel network operates within the 700 MHz range. This is a low frequency that allows the signal communicating from our network to the reefer containers to penetrate further than signals operating in higher frequency ranges (e.g. 900 Mhz). Compared to other network providers this means that WMS networks will likely not need additional equipment installed within the vessel to boost the signal. A better signal means a less complex installation saving time and money.

GT Sense Platform

Get real-time insight into your reefer operations anywhere in the supply chain. Whether focused on cargo care or reefer operations, the GT Sense platform provides you with actionable intelligence.

Features and Benefits

  • Two-way real-time reefer system reliability on large and small vessels. Sufficient monitoring coverage above and below decks with minimal infrastructure.
  • No licensing required – high speed future proof 4G LTE complies with all global wireless standards.
  • The 4G solution has lower overhead data and satellite utilization charges versus older 2G/3G based technologies.
  • Each vessel solution has a custom optimized design and is professionally installed.
  • Expert satellite assessment for use of existing shipboard satcom, Inmarsat Fleet Broadband, or VSAT.
  • Flexible and rapid deployment anywhere in the world with the ability to easily migrate between chartered vessels.
  • Fully-managed solution with 24x7 network monitoring and support.
  • Tiered service levels including phone and online support, remote diagnostics, management and component replacement to ship visit for catastrophic incidents causing extended loss of service.

    Permanent Solution

  • Minimal Hardware
  • Ideal for customer owned vessels
  • Requires antenna cabling
  • Optional dedicated satellite service

    Portable Solution

  • Requires power only
  • Minimal Hardware
  • Installs in less than 6 hours
  • Optional dedicated satellite service