Globe Tracker, Neosen Energy, and Semtech Team to Provide the First Globally Operational Asset Tag Integrating LoRaWAN®

Collaboration improves end-to-end global supply chain visibility and efficiency.

Globe Tracker, a leader in IoT tracking and monitoring solutions for logistics assets, Neosen Energy, an innovative battery technology company, in collaboration with Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high-performance IoT analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, have developed the world’s first globally operational asset tag integrating the LoRaWAN® protocol. The first version of this tag will be used in conjunction with sensors for intermodal logistics applications.

The result of the collaboration is a low-cost, multi-band and disposable/recyclable tag that can be used in applications to enable the monitoring of cargo and pallets as they travel inside logistics assets across the globe. As the permissible frequencies in the ISM band may vary between countries and regions, the tag uses a proprietary geospatial algorithm to effectively “roam” on a global basis while remaining compliant with local regulatory agencies. Also, the tags not only communicate with Globe Tracker gateways permanently installed on shipping and transportation equipment, such as marine and intermodal containers, trucks, trailers and railcars, but the tags can also operate over the LoRaWAN® protocol infrastructure in over 100 countries, enabling inland/last mile visibility into distribution centers, warehouses, cold storage facilities, and final destination retail locations. Semtech’s LoRa® devices offer multiple advantages over alternative technologies such as Bluetooth and cellular communications, and have quickly become the global standard for low-cost, low-power IoT based communications.

Sensors on pallet communicating with the reefer.

The asset tag, integrating the LoRaWAN protocol, is compliant with the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) IoT gateway standard created to make shipping containers supply chain more transparent, reliable and secure. As a DCSA approved technology for IoT gateway communication. This offering is the very first in-cargo sensor tag to meet the standard.

“We were looking for a cost-effective way to complete the end-to-end visibility goals of our shipping line partners, their customers and the logistics ecosystem by enabling tracking and monitoring of cargo flow globally on a single set of technologies. This development will allow for much more real-time, robust and efficient monitoring and control over goods in the global supply chain,” said Jakup Lamhauge, CEO at Globe Tracker. “The longer the tag stays in the supply chain the more value it generates to all supply chain stakeholders.”

Sensors communicating to LoRa gateway in warehouse.

“Collaborating with Globe Tracker introduces Neosen Energy to a fast-growing Cold Chain IoT ecosystem,” said Paul Garrity, Neosen Energy’s CEO. “We are excited to have Globe Tracker as our partner for the next wave of our disposable and uniqueness of the rechargeable products and systems operating on LoRaWAN. The adoption of these new devices will revolutionize the way cargo is tracked and monitored globally in real time. Our Quality Products manufactured in the US, offer a robust resilient solution for the next generation of sensors and connected devices.’’

GT Sense device on truck communicates to sensors.

“The collaboration with Globe Tracker will strengthen the LoRaWAN ecosystem by improving visibility and efficiencies to ground, rail and air transportation asset tracking solutions,” said Marc Pegulu, Vice President of IoT Product Marketing for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

The solution launched commercially in January 2021 and there is already a temperature sensor and a quick development roadmap for other sensors, some built in-house and some with a growing ecosystem of globally recognized sensor partners that will leverage the asset tags’ connectivity advantages.

Vessel Infrastructure gives real-time visibility of both the container and sensors at sea.

About Semtech’s LoRa® Platform
Semtech’s LoRa device-to-Cloud platform is a globally adopted long range, low power solution for IoT applications, enabling the rapid development and deployment of ultra-low power, cost efficient and long range IoT networks, gateways, sensors, module products, and IoT services worldwide. Semtech’s LoRa devices provide the communication layer for the LoRaWAN® protocol, which is maintained by the LoRa Alliance®, an open IoT alliance for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) applications that has been used to deploy IoT networks in over 100 countries. Semtech is a founding member of the LoRa Alliance. To learn more about how LoRa enables IoT, visit Semtech’s LoRa site. LoRa is a registered trademark or service mark of Semtech Corporation or its affiliates.

About Neosen Energy
Neosen Energy is one of the foremost innovators in IoT end devices, GateWay’s, backhaul environment, smart batteries, and wirelessly powered systems.  In 2019, Neosen Energy introduced a revolutionary printable battery technology, which received a R&D100 award for as One of the 100 Most Technologically significant New Products of The Year in the Mechanical/Materials category.  Neosen’s ‘NeoSmart’ technology products are further enhanced by integrating the latest Semtech LoRa wireless RF technology into rechargeable or disposable asset devices, sensors and tags.

About Globe Tracker ApS
Globe Tracker is a privately held Danish company revolutionizing global supply chain visibility. Globe Tracker specializes supply chain tracking, monitoring and cutting-edge sensor technology providing true end-to-end supply chain visibility. Globe Tracker has offices in Denmark, USA, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Canada.

Don Miller
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer