CakeBoxx Technologies

[introduction]The companies will combine service and product offerings to supply the global shipping market with a pre-configured, off-the-shelf secure container / asset tracking solution. CakeBoxx will offer its customers a factory installed Globe Tracker Communications Unit and a 12-month complimentary subscription to Globe Tracker services. [/introduction]



CakeBoxx is the next generation of shipping containers. The innovative doorless design of the CakeBoxx intermodal cargo container raises the bar for cargo security and efficiency. With today’s shrinking margins, more expensive cargos and greater concern for security, the CakeBoxx offers a container design upgrade that directly addresses today’s supply chain realities and offers true, problem‐solving value to users.

The CakeBoxx and Globe Tracker Joint Solution

There is a natural nexus between the shipping container and asset tracking services. CakeBoxx customers appreciate the safety, security and efficiency of the CakeBoxx design and typically ship high value cargo in them. These same customers value visibility and desire tracking and monitoring of their cargo at all times. The Globe Tracker solution integrated at the point of manufacture of the CakeBoxx container is an uncomplicated, “turn-key” means of offering the customer the industry leading combination for security, efficiency and visibility in one purchase decision. With the included first year service, CakeBoxx customers receive Globe Tracker performance and innovation at an incredible price – so they can see the value for themselves without the angst of a complicated market analysis.

Globe Tracker Solution Benefits to CakeBoxx Customers

  • Tracking and monitoring pre-set up and active on Day 1.
  • End-to-end visibility and logging, whether the container is moving on road, rail, ocean or at trans-shipment points.
  • Advanced Graphical User Interface provides the asset owner real-time asset geo-position, sensor data, advanced analytics and a full range of reports.
  • Further business analysis possible with data delivered to customer database.
  • Data can be shared securely with business or supply chain partners using the Globe Tracker Trade Data Exchange Network.
  • Service Lifetime Guarantee and Globe Tracker Maintenance; GT Total Care.
  • Permanently installed and associated with a single asset.

Using the Globe Tracker Solution

  • The solution is pre-installed and activated upon delivery of the CakeBoxx container and the first full year of use is complimentary.
  • Customer will receive a demo of the GUI and other capabilities and training.
  • Customer can track and monitor, generate reports, etc. on their own at any time.
  • Optionally, for a separate charge, Globe Tracker can enable data to be securely shared with supply chain partners.
  • At the end of the free period, customers who wish to upgrade will sign a contract for Globe Tracker’s monthly service fees.

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