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We feel that there is a unique opportunity for your company to expand your core business by adding reefer telematics products and services to your capabilities.

Reefer telematics is considered by many to be the first step towards digitization of the supply chain, a trend that will completely transform the container market over the next 5 years. Digitalization has been recognized as the top strategic priority by most of today’s shipping lines.

Here are the top 10 reasons to partner with Globe Tracker on our GT Sense product portfolio and get into this market now:

  1. You are already in this business

    As a reefer service centre you already have most of the capabilities and tools required to become successful in the reefer telematics market. You have a highly relevant customer base, technical expertise and know-how, a skilled service team, strong knowledge of the reefer and transportation market. The only missing element is the reefer telematics system itself.

  2. Market Timing and Demand Acceleration

    The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud based applications, and big data analytics are enabling a wide range of new capabilities that until now have not been possible in the container market. Maersk Line has pioneered reefer telematics and is now setting a new bar for the industry by offering Maersk Line customers’ real time data from their reefer telematics system from July 24th 2017 (Remote Container Management - RCM). It is widely anticipated that most, if not all other shipping lines will be adopting equivalent or superior technology over the next couple of years to remain competitive.

  3. Disruptive Market Model

    There are only a handful of companies that offer reefer telematics systems, and all of Globe Tracker’s competitors are pursuing a direct sales approach. Globe Tracker is the only company that has opened the door to sales channels through a partner network. Our philosophy is that reefer service companies are best suited to sell, service, support and leverage the almost endless opportunities that will emerge from reefer telematics.

  4. No Investment

    There is no up-front investment being a Globe Tracker partner. Our business model is to enable our partners that in most cases have the necessary set-up to fuel this new revenue opportunity at very limited added costs.

  5. New and Recurring Revenue Sources

    The reefer telematics business is expect to exceed 1.5 € billion over the next few years, fuelled by equipment sales, support service, and monthly data services. As our partner, we will enable and equip you with sales, service and recurring monthly revenue streams. As the install base of GT Sense devices increases over time this can become a major recurring revenue source.

  6. Additional Conventional Maintenance Services

    Globe Tracker telematics solution has a unique and distinguished focus on service and repair. Reefer telematics will transform the reefer market in the same way telematics transformed service and repair in the automotive industry. The system will drive and even predict additional maintenance services and increase uptimes and hence increase customer satisfaction.

  7. Increased Customer Loyalty

    When you offer valuable location and cargo condition data to your customers, they will use it to run their businesses better and come to depend on it, and hence your relationship becomes more co-dependent.

  8. Cutting Edge Technology

    By offering reefer telematics you will stay ahead of the adoption curve in what will be the biggest transformation of the supply chain in the next several years. GT Sense is the most advanced and cost effective solution in the marketplace that enables you to exploit this unique opportunity.

  9. Expanded Customer Base

    Reefer telematics will expand your addressable market from lines and ports to 3PLs and freight forwarders, and even in some cases shippers themselves who may be interested in monitoring their cargo with the GT Sense LoRa based sensor. By expanding the ecosystem beyond your conventional market base, new but inter-related revenue sources can be gained from selling the same equipment and data to a different set of stakeholders. Your success will be built on the success of your customers. They will be able to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and gain a competitive edge by adapting reefer telematics.

  10. Recipe and Roadmap to Success

    Globe Tracker will provide training for every aspect of this market, from a complete overview of the technology, market trends, edge over competitors, all the way to sales strategy and customer fulfilment. This “Recipe for Success” is the playbook for entering the reefer telematics and tracking market.

Solution Summary

The GT Sense TM Advanced Reefer Automation Platform is the most advanced reefer remote monitoring and control system available today. Specifically designed for real-time reefer monitoring, GT Sense is a telematics system and web enabled platform. The system consists of a global cellular modem, and accurate GPS positioning capability, and several standard and optional sensors to monitor and control every aspect of a reefer in real-time. Installation uses a simple Bluetooth Mobile App and only takes minutes. Optional internal or external installation is available to best suit customer requirements. The GT Sense device can both be permanently installed on the reefer or as a temporary on-off solution. The system is compatible with all reefer types in the industry. GT Sense interfaces directly to the reefer micro-controller through either the RMM or data ports so complete status and operation of the reefer is monitored.

Breadcrumb history

Breadcrumb history

The GT Sense device communicates with global cellular network partners reporting precise location, and two-way reefer monitoring and control from anywhere in the world. When there is no cellular connection the system will store historical data and then transmit it when cellular service is restored. The ruggedized design will stand up to harsh environmental conditions and the test of time.

The GT Sense device has a myriad of internal sensors, but also has the ability to communicate with up to 64 independent external LoRa enabled wireless sensors. LoRa is latest emerging global IoT standard that has unparalleled transmission performance the through reefer walls and various dense cargoes that block most radio signals.

The GT Sense LoRa implementation will allow highly reliable in-reefer and in-cargo real-time sensor reading for the first time ever.

Sensor graphs
Sensor graphs

The LoRa wireless LAN provides robust communication between the GT Sense Device and GT Wireless Sensors Nodes, as well as infrastructure to allow seamless on-vessel communications, even far below decks. LoRa is the fastest growing new public network for IoT, with increasing coverage in many major cities in US and EU, and GT Sense will be able to interface with the global LoRa public networks as well.

Virtual reefer panels
Virtual reefer panels

GT Sense has a particular emphasis on reefer maintenance and extension of reefer life. Users can receive predictive maintenance alerts and map service plans into the GT Sense platform. Advanced display panels create a "Virtual Reefer Technician“ capability, being able to monitoring key internal systems and parameters remotely.

With the world’s first truly integrated reefer telematics system and wireless cargo sensors, GT Sense will change the way cold-chain operates on a global basis offering full visibility, superior compliance, reduction of load loss, streamlined operations, and reduced costs.

Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics

Addressable Markets

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Reefer Fleet Owners

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Intermodal Operators/Last Mile

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GT Device Per Trip Install

3PLs and Freight Forwarders

Per Trip Install

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Shippers and Cargo Owners (BCOs)

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